Friday, August 25, 2006

Tree spinners

This is a picture of my pear tree. I decided to put lots and lots of decorations in it because from the seating area, you sort of look right at the tree. So it has several windchimes and spinners etc. I see that they disappeared in the photo, so see below. Here's a close up:

These disks spin around in the wind and send light shimmers across the yard, it's like having a pool without needing the room or the maintenance. They are espcially nice in the morning as the sun just manages to hit the tree. It's a very good pear tree. Too bad my doggie has eaten 50% of the pears so far. I think I've had one, because they're not quite ripe yet. And when I went to make JP a pear pie he said "yeah.... I'm not much of a pear guy." To make it worse, the kid heard his dad say that and he says it too. Great. I can't eat all the pears myself, my family doesn't live close to me and the neighbours don't want any. Might as well let my omnivorous dog enjoy them!

I'm so looking forward to the weekend.

The dogs are happily chewing on some bones:

(okay, Maxx is actually done his. Pictures with his mouth full are not flattering. )

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