Thursday, August 24, 2006

Some days are harder than others

Don't read if you don't like grumpy work stories....... So on Monday a guy at work wanted a report as he was coming to Vancouver on Wednesday for meetings. The one report would be over 400 pages. So I told him I couldn't print and collate and courier the reports all in time for his meeting on Wednesday. He said he was flying into a local airport, so I said I would meet him there on Wednesday and hand him the reports. So yesterday I arrive at the airport, pay for parking and then walk around with 2 reports/500 pages (which are heavy) looking for this guy. I check the Arrival's monitor, yup, his flight has arrived, but he's nowhere to be found. I call his office and his cell. No luck. I return to my car and drive around all the little hangars etc at the airport. Nothing. I drive through the area of rental cars. Nothing. I phone again. I leave 4 messages and 1 page. I wait an hour and then leave. As I'm driving home, he calls and says 'No! It's tomorrow. I'm sorry if you thought it was Wedneday, but it's tomorrow. I couldn't get any flights on Wednesday, so it was changed to Thursday. Sorry about that." I didn't say too much because I was pissed and knew that what I wanted to come out of my mouth wouldn't be nice or businesslike or professional. He wants me to do it again the next day. I look at my schedule and tell him I can't. I got back to the office and promptly arranged for the courier to pick up the reports, sending them to each client. If he had told me earlier that it was Thursday, I could have couriered the report on Tuesday to this guy to arrive at his office on Wednesday so he could take it with him! And I wouldn't have had to take so much time out of my regularly scheduled day. I know he never said Thursday!

GRR. I send him an email and tell him I've couriered the reports to his clients and I've emailed the zipped database and pdf of the report so he can have it on his laptop or print it himself. He tells me he must have one report in his hand for the meeting and I must print another copy. GRR. So I print another copy and drive back to the airport to drop it off at his airline's counter.

While I'm driving he leaves me two messages. One says that if I can't drop it off at the airline's counter, drop it off at Avis because that's where he's renting a car. In his second message, he tell me to drop it off at Visa. There is no VISA kiosk at that airport. He's confused the words AVIS and VISA, just like he confused WEDNESDAY and THURSDAY. And he ended up pissing away my whole Wednesday.

At least I know he'll be flying and in meeting's today and so I probably won't hear from him today, which will be a nice break. And maybe I can get back on track, although I'm still 4 days behind on emails and about 4 or 5 reports behind on data entry. Sigh, the fun and thrill of a working girl

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