Sunday, August 20, 2006

We had a lovely summer day yesterday, so I took the dogs for a walk in the morning and then sat outside and talked on the phone and knitted and read. In the late afternoon the evil neighbour behind us had to play loud (weird) music which was very annoying and basically chased us out of the backyard. Also, the loud and annoying music didn't allow me to read, so I went and sat on the front step to continue my book. After a while, JP came looking for me and I shared my discovery - sometimes the front of the house is the quietest place to be outside. He sat out there for a while, played with some stuff from the trunk of his car (you know, boys and tools), brought me a drink and kept me company, until it was time to cook dinner.

I finished the little purse yesterday, here are the two sides:

And here are some loverly flowers from my garden:

A Zinnia and a California Poppy. I love the California Poppy because we had a large grouping along the driveway and front walk/retaining wall of my childhood home. My dad really liked them and so do I. The flowers close up and night which I also like. The Zinnia is a nice stong plant with strong coloured flowers. Only a few seeds turned out this year, but next year I think I'll plant lots more. Plus Asters. I love the asters, but I let them get too dry and they're gone now. Next year, I will also plant more asters. I will plant Zinnia, Asters and California Poppies. Yes, I will.

Later in the day, we headed to Coquitlam to take a look at the VW Car Rally. Our friend had his car in the show-and-shine and he won first place for people's choice. Here's a quick look at the crowd:

See? Not much to see, lots of cars, car parts and people. All on a parking lot. But some people did have cute little retro displays with their old Bugs and Bunnies. I was surprised that no one dressed in costume to match the age of their 50's or 60's vehicle. Especially the Bus'. It was interesting to see and fun to hang out with someone in the know.

I wanted to drive my old Rabbit to the show, but JP wouldn't have any part of it. He just hates being a passenger and doesn't drive stick.

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