Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Me: (thinking about my poor ailing canary) Do you think they can x-ray birds?
JP: Only once.
Me: giggle
JP: well I'd think that the lead sheet would probably do more damage...

Day 9 Amaryllis Progress: about 4 mm overnight

Day 5 canary update:

He actually seems to be improving. He has strange head movements but his eyes are open and he's eating and drinking well. When I pick him up, he's got some fight left in him and tried to peck at me - that means he's feeling better. But he doesn't make a sound and doesn't sit on a perch except the one on the floor.

WIP: dog sweater and mitten - both knitted.

Anxiously awaiting the new Adorn magazine which should be on magazine racks today! I loved the first issue, can't wait to see all the projects.

I posted a photo on the piano sweater on Craftster - lots of great comments. That makes me feel good too.

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