Monday, November 06, 2006

Monday Updates

1. Yay! I finished the piano sweater for my mom. I sure hope I haven't made it too small but I have a plan if it is. I'll mail it today, so I'll know later in the week.

2. My canary is still hanging on. It appears he's had something like a stroke. It seems that one side of his body's not working too well. He's getting around pretty good now and he's eating and drinking very well. He's even sitting on the perch I laid on the bottom of his cage. I put him on a heating pad for the night and cover his cage to keep him warm, but during the day he seems to be fairly active. (The photo is taken from the top of his cage, he sits on the floor with his head turned to one side) I'd take him to the vet except there are very few small animal specialists and my experiences with vets and canaries have never been successful.

3. I made this mitten yesterday. The pattern said "ladies one size" but gave no measurements. I wish people would learn that not everyone is petite. I happen to be tall and have small hands for my size, but they're still bigger than this. I adjusted the pattern and started again. I'll finish the larger set and then I'll make the right hand of the small mitten and I guess I'll just keep it for any last minute Christmas presents for a smaller person. (I know you can't tell from the photo, but I thought I'd show the yarn anyway - it's a purple boucle)

4. Amaryllis Bulb - one week after planting and look what we have! A teeny, tiny growth!

5. Our rainfall warning continues, another 30mm of rain for today. The street drains are beginning to fill up and not take any more water meaning the roads aren't clear and there are big puddles. What a yucky day! You have NO IDEA!

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