Saturday, November 04, 2006

Rain, rain, go away

It's been raining pretty hard yesterday and today. Blah, I'm not a fan of the rain. Let's just say my job gets very hectic during the rainy weather. Yesterday at work was insane!

And on Friday morning when I got up, I walked in the kitchen to let the dogs out, feed the fish and feed the bird - but my bird was not there. Upon closer inspection he was huddled on the floor of his cage. It appears he's had a stroke. I woke poor JP up and asked him to help me - for support and for care. For several hours I held the bird in my hand or lap and tried to get work done, but after conversations with my brother and my mom, I agreed that it might be best to put the bird in his cage again and provide for him as best I could.

Saturday morning came and the little guy's still fighting. He's got good moments and rough spots. But he's eating seeds and lettuce and even drinking water. I've put him in my bedroom on a stool and removed anything in his cage that could harm him and I'm keeping a close eye on him. I don't think there's much else I can do but make him as comfortable as possible.

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