Sunday, November 19, 2006

The rainy day blahs

Thursday went well, took my s-i-l to the shops she wanted and the weather actually co-operated a bit (meaning it wasn't raining while we were shopping in Vancouver). It did rain on the drive to south Surrey, but that was okay.
I was just pleased as punch because previously I thought my little old car mechanically couldn't handle the highway speeds, but I found it, after having new tires installed the day before, that mechanically it was fine, my old tires couldn't handle the speeds. So after new shocks this summer, and four new tires and a wheel alignment, my little car (whom I call Heidi) did very well. I was very proud of her.
I stayed overnight in my s-i-l's hotel room, with a gorgeous view. And went home on Friday. Due to the heavy rains, there was a boil-water advisory, so I didn't feel like showering in that yucky water - especially when it was clean at my house.
Today, the heavy rains and winds have started again. I'm not happy because that means more crazy hectic work. It just never ends and there's no one to help me, or no one to even commiserate with.
Ever have one of those days when you have to do a chore, and in the middle of it, you find another problem which makes that yucky chore even worse? Well that's what's happened today. And now it's just zapped my get up and go, I don't feel like moving, or talking, or really doing anything by laying in bed and watching TV. That's not good.

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