Friday, November 24, 2006


Yikes, we actually had a hail/snow shower! Yuck. I don't like cold weather. Well cold and damp!

I've got so many little projects to do. Almost finished a dog sweater. And we bought our first full sized Christmas tree, JP and me and he even bought some decorations - usually we have a little 4' tree which means mini decorations. I think I'll have to get to work making new ones.

And the tree skirts! They wanted $35 for them, well I will have to get to work on that, and keep my eyes open for an after Christmas 1/2 price sale.

I started and frogged this about 4 times today, it started out to be a shrug, but it just didnt' look like I'd have enough yarn, so I 'd start again. Now we're down to a scarf:

(The colours are much more vibrant, the flash washed them out)

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