Thursday, November 23, 2006

Yesterday I had a meeting in Richmond. Normally, I'm not too thrilled with Richmond meetings because it's a minimum hour and a half drive, however, this meeting was a block away from Daiso which made it more fun. My basket was filled with lots of things that came to $150! Yikes! Did I go crazy? Good thing I only get there once a year, that averages out to $12.50 per month, which doesn't sound as crazy. I did, however, buy several stocking stuffers, so that justifies a bit more of it.

After the meeting, JP and I picked up his son who had remembered on his own that dad was going to take him for Santa pictures. He was dressed in a white button up shirt and had a lovely grey v-neck sweater over top. His hair stayed neat (he said he used extra gel). And as a typical boy, he seemed a little uncomfortable with Santa, so smart daddy grabbed a baby rattle and made the kid laugh and an awesome picture was obtained!

Since it was a long day, I had asked my neighbour to look after my dogs. That was a big weight off my shoulders as it wouldn't have been nice for them to be locked inside for 12 hours, and the weather was too yucky for them to spend 12 hours outside. She said Jazz spent pretty much the whole day on her couch, and Maxx laid by the fire. Both were spoiled because I don't let my dogs on the furniture and I don't have carpet in front of my fireplace. I am so lucky to have a neighbour who could do that for me.

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