Thursday, January 11, 2007

We've had snow again! We've got about 7" sitting on the ground and it won't be going anywhere soon as it's -6 degrees right now. Yesterday I felt it was faster just to walk to the doctor's office than to clean off the car, warm it up and drive in the snow... plus it was better for me healthwise. I quite enjoyed it anyways.

I did shovel the driveway twice - so I think that counts for my daily exercise.

But today, I'll have to do something more - well I could walk the dogs in the snow - Jazz really seems to love it!

So that's it. Just powering down with work. Trying to clean up and declutter. I haven't spent much time crafting as I pulled in muscle over my shoulder blade and have been trying to take it a bit easy.

Trying to work on some personal goals, which I always seem to put last on my list!

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