Monday, January 01, 2007

WIPs! and Happy New Years!

So I've started a knitted shawl in a pattern called Fern Lace. There is lots of counting and so I need to work on it alone, and in almost solitude so that's going to take a while to finish.

I also started an rust coloured amigurumi bear. Why? because I had some small leftover balls which were in a bag with some other leftovers and the colours clashed so I wanted to remove the rust coloured yarn. Is that a little wacky?

And yesterday, after a visit to a thrift store, I found two skeins of a very heavy bright blue 'yarn' which I'm crocheting for a rug; inspired by the rug in Happy Hooker. Yes, I got started right away. That's a project to do in front of the TV. One row SC, on row DC. I'm hoping to embellish it with flowers or other (durable) items as well.

Here's my question of the day: How come we can send people to the moon, but we still have to deal with those plastic produce bags at the grocery store that are barely separable from the roll and then require super fingers to open them? (don't really answer that question...)

We had a nice mellow New Year's. Jazz heard lots of fireworks but handled it quite well. Today I think we're going bowling. Happy 2007! Another year filled with HOPE! I want to do more, and talk less! We'll start with that.

Also last night, we smashed our Peppermint Pig for a new holiday tradition. The pig represents "good health, happiness ans properity.... And after the holiday dinner, the Pig was passed amongst those gathered, each in turn giving the pouch a firm tap and sharing a tale of the past year's good fortune. The delicious broken peppermint and warm memories were enjoyed by all in hops of properity for the coming year." This was an excellent gift from my most excellent brother, Eric.


Anonymous said...

happy new year! i really enjoy reading your blog and wish you all teh best in 2007!!

My Little Corner said...

Oh you are so sweet! Thank you so much for reading and for the happy wishes, the same to you!