Saturday, July 14, 2007

JP told his son yesterday that he had gotten married, the kid looked at him and said "it doesn't change anything, does it?" And he's right. Other than a legal and binding agreement, a name change and some jewellery it doesn't change things much, does it? Or am I wrong? I know there are legal changes and income tax changes but am I wrong to think otherwise?

This morning we were abruptly awoken by the kid who said "Dad, I had a bit of a nose bleed last night". We're snapped awake to find practically the kid's whole face covered in blood. Yikes! Then he suggests we should take a photo to show his mum. I don't think so! She'd freak for sure!

And I was having such a good dream too! Anyway, JP cleaned up the kid while I cleaned up the bed and bedding. And so far, that's how Saturday morning started.


Endako Jo said...

Who knows what goes through the mind of a kid about such things. I guess a lot depends on how old he is. And boys look at the world differently than girls. When I met Art his daughters were 6 & 3 and visited us on weekends. We got married 10 years later and life didn't change. I think generally kids are just happy when the grownups they love are happy.
I agree about the bloody picture. Mom might not have been thrilled, and again, depending on his age, it's best to not to upset Mom.

My Little Corner said...

He's 8.

And thanks for the encouragement Jo - much appreciated.