Saturday, August 18, 2007

I'm an idiot & a **SPECIAL OFFER**

Okay, I had been hunting down the stupid Adorn magazine and after 8 stores I finally found it at the Chapters at Metropolis and right next to it was a Craft: Magazine. I was so excited I scooped them both up. But about 1/2 hour later in the car, I remembered that I had already subscribed to Craft:! ACK! Then I joked to JP that my subscription would be sitting in the mailbox when I got home. And it was! Yay & bah!

SO. If you would like a free copy of the new issue of Craft: - leave me a comment and I'll randomly draw from the first five people interested. I chose 5 because I don't think more than 5 people read my blog! ha!

Now also dear Canadian readers, let me tell you this - after running around the Metro Vancouver area looking for that Adorn magazine, I thought I would subscribe. Unfortunately, their website only allows US addresses so I wrote them and asked about shipping to Canada. They said they aren't doing Canadian subscriptions and that I should look for their magazine at major retailers. I think 3 locations of Chapters is considered a major retailer, so I have decided that I will no longer go out of the way for them. When the next issue comes out, I will not make any special trips. If I happen upon it while getting my "normal" magazine fix - well that is jut fine. How hard is it to charge me in US funds and I'll pay for shipping? If you would like to educate me on the issues concerning shipping magazines to Canada from the US, please enlighten me - I would love to learn. *end of rant*

Have a happy Saturday. I'm was planning on working on the cross stitch today but I got sucked into hanging out with JP watching TV and doing nothing. Tonight we go out for dinner with some friends.


s t a c i said...

I wanna be in the drawing! :)

I had a similar thing happen with my subscription to Vogue Knitting. EVERYONE got their subscription but me, so I figured mine was up, and I bought one. Mine wasn't up. Oh, well.

My Little Corner said...

Staci you're in !