Friday, August 31, 2007

My Favourite Animal Swap

I had signed up for a craft swap over at Craftster back in July, however, my original partner went AWOL and although I send her stuff (see my post in late July) she's never been heard from again.

As you may recall, the wonderful Cynthia at Big Girl Feet felt bad that I was flaked on, on my very first swap! She sent me a wonderful package of goodies - see my post here. Thank you Cynthia, I so love everything you sent me. You are so very sweet.

But wait, there's more. Today, I received the following from my Swap Angel. This is where the organizer of the swap asks for someone to step in for the flaker so the flakee can still receive something. Big Girl Feet tried to be my angel, but one was already found. So I have TWO ANGELS. Yay me!

I can't post the pictures on Craftster at the moment, so I've linked my post there to this blog so everyone can see the pictures until I can post in the Swap Gallery. I told my Swap Angel that my favourite animal was dogs, but I also collected Hippos.

So this is what she sent: she made me this cute t-shirt (here's the back) plus a wonderful purse with dog patterned fabric, also an apron and wallet or cheque book cover:
Here's the front of the t-shirt with a better view of the apron plus some doggie biscuits called "People Crackers" and some people snacks called" PNuttles Butter Toffee Sunflower Kernels"

Thank you thank you thank. So nice to have two angels. I have received such nice thing, I truly appreciate all the thoughtfulness and care. It's so wonderful. gush gush gush

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