Friday, August 31, 2007

I've fallen, but I could get up

Yesterday around dinner time I was experiencing some pain in my foot - in the joint of the big toe. I was trying to figure out why it hurt and hoping I wasn't getting my biggest fear of all, arthritis. The pain continued throughout the evening but I also had pain running up my shin.

It wasn't until I was watching Dirty Jobs, when I saw the host, Mike Rowe, go up a ladder that I remembered I fell off a 3' step ladder earlier in the day! Now why did I forget that? Did I go into some sort of shock? And you know, I couldn't even remember how I landed when I fell. I thought and thought and was positive I hadn't landed on my hip or back so I must have landed on my feet. Then I realized I had just stepped back off the collapsing ladder and landed hard on my foot resulting in this pain. But isn't that strange the I completely put it out of my mind? I have a very good memory and people are always amazed at what I remember, but I don't know why this event so easily slipped my mind.

I guess this happens to people with traumatic accidents on a much grander scale. I recently heard a story about a girl who was in a car accident and couldn't remember the whole month after it had happened.

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