Sunday, March 07, 2010

Work in Progress

For my Craft Challenge 2010, I made a couple of small projects, and then I was ready for something a little more substantial. And I know I said I wouldn't do a blanket right away, but I found a pattern that is knit in the round, so you end up with a double thick blanket and you don't have to worry about the ends, or a purl side, or even how long your yarn is - although they recommend 36" and longer. (Pattern details on Ravelry, I'm "wayoutwear")

So I started this blanket as a stash busting project for the yarns that I don't know what else to make with. As well, this is a fabulous TV watching project as there is no pattern and no counting - just mindless TV knitting.

It's a little tough to see as it's all scrunched up on the circular needle, but I think you get the idea.

Oh yeah, one more thing - for funsies, Jp's  been picking the colours and the sequence, so when I finish a ball, I bring him the bags of yarns to choose from and he picks the next two colours/yarns. So I never know what will happen next either!


Anonymous said...

So far that's really interesting.
JP you're doing great, oh yeh and the knitter of course to

My Little Corner said...

Why thank you!!

Big Girl Feet said...

Very cool!! I can't wait to see the end result!