Monday, November 01, 2010

A Happy Halloween

Well I must say, this was the smoothest, least stressful Halloween in about 10 years. The biggest difference of course was not dealing with a super freaked out noise phobic dog! You have no idea how difficult that is, especially since I'd be dealing with it at least 30 days before Halloween. But that's all in the past now - Eco reacts to the firecrackers but has no fear of them. In fact a couple of times last night we were out in the back yard playing ball as we always do and she continued to play as she always does. Firecrackers continuously went off in every direction last night, but none were too close so I didn't have to worry about my house going up in flames. Whew! Maybe I'm actually start to like Halloween again.

Today is All Saints Day and is to be a solemn day, which it feels like since it's raining hard on a cold, dark Monday  - blah, what a way to start the week. To me, November first means I'd better get cracking if I'm supposed to make Christmas presents!

How about you? How was your Halloween last night? Do you have lots of things you're planning to make for Christmas?


Big Girl Feet said...

Phew! I'm so glad Eco does well with the firecrackers and Halloween noise, yay!!
Our halloween was mellow and we shut down to trick or treaters around 8pm- we ran out of candy!
I've cut my crafting list by a *lot* and am only making things for those who appreciate handmade things. And hoping to get my etsy shop going & filled up again!

My Little Corner said...

Sounds like a good plan for your beautiful creations. I am sure all your stuff will sell really well in your Etsy shop. Wishing you much success!