Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Mini-Vacation Day 2

Today I got up almost the same time I normally do for work (it's a habit, I never sleep in on weekends anymore either). I did some reading and played on the computer until Jp got up, did some yoga and then showered and dressed for breakfast at the hotel- where we had to most wonderful apple juice from a local orchard. And a yummy omelet!

We came back to the room for a bit and then I headed down to the hotel spa and had a manicure - which was awesome! I am definitely going to be getting more manicures that's for sure!

Back to the room and then out for lunch, followed by a bit of shopping. Lunch was at a delightful little Japanese restaurant who hand stamps their chopstick wrappers and brings your bill to the table inside a seashell.  While shopping the waistband in my tights failed and soon instead of being at my waist it was on my hips and began to creep down from there. I quickly ran and bought a new pair but didn't have a place to change them so I had to keep walking around, soon they slipped below my butt - what a crazy feeling! Thank goodness I was wearing pants otherwise they would have surely been at my ankles, and thank goodness for long winter coats!

We went back to the hotel room to kick back for a couple of hours and then found out that Jp's colleagues were going for an earlier dinner, so we headed out again and joined them. Luckily dinner was at a Japanese restaurant (yes again!) so we didn't feel too full from eating dinner so close to lunch. This Japanese restaurant was very different from the one were we had lunch - they were more into the display of the food, and served some very interesting dishes - not the common sushi fare. It was a very nice experience.  Then we had a quick nightcap in the hotel lounge with his associates before going back to the room to kick back again.

All in all it was a very nice day.

And I heard from the dog sitter who reports Eco is doing fine - but said they "could do with a little less happy".  Eco is a such a loving, sweet little thing that not only is she happily bouncing around their house, but I guess she's soaked everyone by licking them! She's just thanking them!

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