Monday, October 29, 2012

More on Halloween Costumes

By now many of you may have gone to Halloween parties on the weekend, but if you're still looking for costume ideas, watch this fab video for ideas:

Catchy tune isn't it? 
Grey Gardens, Tim Gunn, The Color Purple, Louis C.K...pretty creative

Also, check out the  "Oh Happy Day" blog  for some great kids ideas - this is one of my favorite kids costumes:

And I like this idea for a dog costume - especially with the glow in the dark bones:

But puppy would have to wear it before Halloween night because it's really not a good idea to have them out on the street on the 31st - too many loud noises, dropped candy and a multiple of other unpredictable occurrences that will most likely not be good for your dog. Even though fireworks are illegal in my community they are still around and go off quite frequently - so many poor dogs that suffer from noise phobia just as my past dog, Jazz, did for over 7 years - and almost every time I hear one go off, I am so grateful that Eco isn't affected at all. Jazz sure did suffer severely and if affected the whole family. 

What costumes did you see that made you laugh this year? 
Did you see any fresh new ideas? 


Laoch of Chicago said...

I saw someone on the subway yesterday dressed as an ice cube.

My Little Corner said...

That's a good one too!