Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A warm fuzzy dream...sigh

Last night I had a wonderful dream. I was visiting Leonie Dawson at her lovely house in Cairns, Australia. I made play-doh for her daughter, Ostara*, that I had tinted a beautiful turquoise colour and enjoyed the lushness of her lovely home and property. There were lots of people visiting too (maybe a retreat?) and everything was easy-going and joyful with lots of laughter, warmth and support. I felt so nourished and loved, like I just received the biggest and most satisfying hug I could ever imagine.

Now that's a nice way to wake up.

Maybe it was the incredible overnight crock-pot oatmeal that Jp makes - maybe the smell of cooking apples and cinnamon all night give me yummy warm dreams?

I feel too good to be at work today. (But alas, I must)

**one of the cutest little kids in the world! 


Laoch of Chicago said...

My father used to say that there could be no greater joy than to wake up and know that soon you would be at work.

My Little Corner said...

Did he love or hate his job?