Friday, November 30, 2012

Well this is exciting

Earlier this week we received an email from a man who has one of Eco's brothers. After 3 1/2 years he was curious and contacted the breeder for contact information. We're not happy at all that she gave out our personal information without asking but we am thrilled to see Eco's siblings. Besides me, two other people have responded. I believe Eco was part of a little of 8.

I am amazed at how similar they all look, but so far, Eco's the littlest - did we get the runt?

Here's Eco (she's only 57 pounds)

And here's Bogey (an 80 pound male)

And here's Charlie (her sister)

And here's Leroy (he's also 80 pounds)

Isn't that amazing? To a non-owner, I bet you'd swear they were all the same dog in the photos.No?

I feel sorry for the other owners though...  Eco's the prettiest of them all and she's the best dog in the whole world. It must be tough living with lesser dog, but I guess they manage. LOL. I crack myself up....

There is talk of a reunion in the new year. I would so love to do that. And I've long sworn there is a "secret language of labs" so I would love to see them all together.