Saturday, December 22, 2012

Flying Needles!

The other day I went I little crazy in the production department and banged out 3 baby hats - and then started on some mittens. At 10pm I could have kept going but had to go to bed so I could get up for work the next day. BUT, then I paid for it during the night - oh boy did I pay! My forearm and hand ached throughout the night and woke me up multiple times. Maybe the return of carpal tunnel or the beginning of tendonitis - I don't know, but I took the warning and took it easy.

Here are the the results of that busy day:

And these are the mittens that I absolutely love, but for now, I've put in my ETSY shop to see if they sell before I keep them for myself.
They are 100% wool and I just love the colours. When I used the same wool on the  baby hat it came out more like camouflage but love how it's all stripy for the mittens. 
And the items have been posted in my shop and it's time for me to move onto another project. Still might take out that sewing machine yet!

I did some Christmas baking, don't want to put too much out otherwise it just gets stale  - so far the current winner is the white chocolate chip cookies. What's your must have Christmas baked item? 


Laoch of Chicago said...

One has to be careful with those delicate tendons!

My Little Corner said...

Yes indeed! Too much strain and I won't be able to do anything!