Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Hippopotamuseseseseseses + Christmas

Since the beginning of the week I switched to an internet radio station that plays Christmas songs so I can get in the Christmas mood at work. They are playing a really good range from pop to classic to country to cutesy songs. 

This is one of my all time favourite Christmas songs. The one that always brings up my mood and usually makes me stop and sing along for just one song: 

Do you like it too? What's your favourite Christmas song? 


Laoch of Chicago said...

God I am such an old person. I seem to like most, the old carols that are more than 100 years old. They were ubiquitous when I was a boy.

My Little Corner said...

Oh that's a good thing too. I absolutely love the classics, especially sung with a larger choir and a full orchestra. It just feels right. And as a former piano player they are the ones I grew up on as well.

But this silly little ditty just lifts the holiday dread... BTW, it was written in 1953...