Monday, December 03, 2012

One too many Bond Movies

After watching 4 James Bond movies this weekend, I suppose it's no surprise that I had the craziest action-packed Bond-esque dream last night

First was Moonraker which was done in 1979 with Roger Moore. This was rather flat and disappointing but I understand it was very popular at the time since it was out around the time of Star Wars and there was quite the space race movie craze.

Next was For Your Eyes Only and I thought it was pretty good - a couple of trademark goofy things in it. Then Octopussy which also lived up to the genre and finally Never Say Never Again with Sean Connery again.  I must say so far, I prefer Sean Connery to Roger Moore but I'm still curious to see Pierce Brosnan as Bond because I've always liked him and think he would make an excellent James Bond.

So now you can understand why my brain went all crazy on me last night. A few minutes at my work computer will kill all of that, then it'll be business as usual again. And I've turned on an internet radio station that's All Christmas (music) All Day - how long do you think I'll last?


Laoch of Chicago said...

One likes Christmas music, but like Bond films there is a point of saturation. It's good you have been reprogrammed though. Now that you are a spy your life should become pretty adventurous.

My Little Corner said...

Oh yes, that could be fun - but I'm no "double O" but it sure could be fun!