Saturday, November 16, 2013

Wet and cold and hungry

So I'm sitting in my living room around 7:30 last night when I hear the lid of my mailbox open. Odd, I think for a Friday night, and then a moment later I hear another clunk in my front yard so I fly the door open, and what do I see? Two bears in my yard! The big one grunts at me as it runs. In my carport are wet bear footprints all over the floor. They had knocked over an empty garbage container (if there's anything in them, they are locked up in a room at the end of my carport.

About 10:30 I hear some noises outside and go to investigate. Jp tells me it's nothing, just the neighbour's car doors but I decide to peak out my front window and what do I see?? Yup, the two bears again. The little  one hopped the fence, sat on the top rail for a bit and then slipped down bum first before disappearing in the neighbour's yard. Then I felt really sad for them. I think the little one, who's fur was very wet from the heavy rain was tired. It's probably tired and very hungry. I hope they're able to find some food soon - just not people food.

Jp thinks they should be killed, but I just can't agree with him. They're not doing anything wrong. They come to our neighbourhoods because many of us are sloppy and lazy and there's often something to eat in a container outside our houses. People don't pick up the apples from their trees and so the bears have to scavenge for meals - maybe even the odd stray cat? I don't know. If people were more diligent and there was no food to be found, I'm pretty sure the bears would look elsewhere. As usual, humans create the problem and the animals pay for it.


Laoch of Chicago said...

I am rooting for the bear family.

Way Out Wear said...

Me too Laoch!