Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Nose full of sh*t

The kid came with me Sunday for Eco's walk and at the end of it I sometimes travel through a little walkway and park so I can let her off leash. The little park is next to a townhouse complex and I've noticed that lately it's littered with dog poop. It's disgusting. Owners like that end us ruining it for all the good owners.

I knew of the dog poop in the park, I told the kid to watch where he stepped but when he threw a stick for Eco, I didn't want to be a nag and so I didn't say anything and hoped for the best. First throw went well, second throw did not. Eco raced for the stick, picked it up and immediately dropped it. She started doing this weird tongue flicking thing which creates a foamy saliva and came back to me very unhappy, I could see right away there was poop on her face and most likely in her mouth.

Ok, she may think cat poop is gourmet but dog poop disgusts her. I took every paper towel in my bag and tried to wipe her face and mouth out. But I don't think it helped. I wished I had water with me on this walk - but it's winter so I don't bother with the annoyance of water bottles.

We race walked home and finished cleaning her face. I hope that she won't get sick from this old poop that's been sitting in the park for a while. Based on the colour that dog wasn't fed very good quality food. Sure I could've stopped the kid from throwing a stick, so I take the blame, but he's a teenager and I feel like all I say is "don't do that.." "put that away" "close the door" etc..

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