Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Dirty Windows

As mentioned on Friday's post, we just so happened to take a drive to Chilliwack on Sunday and so I snapped this photo for you - it's taken through a dirty window at 120 km/hr (ssh, I know) - I can't believe I managed to tag it, it's in the middle of a row of billboards, so I had to act fast.

A picture really is better than a thousand words:

Along with their slogan, here are a couple other ones I like:

  • seen on a tow truck : I want your body on my bed
  • ad for 1-800 Got Junk: we want your crap.
And I found this collection.
What are your favourites, got any you'd like to share?


Kandra said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA! OK - I'm at work - looking at blogs and saw you updated yours... so I had to check in and see what was going on.(yeah I should be working) Then after I laugh - OUT LOUD in cubicle city, I regain composure wand scurry off to workland once more, but with giggles in my step. Too funny girl!

My Little Corner said...

Thanks Kandra - I love your comment! Glad I made you laugh!

Ms.Barbara Jane said...

Made me laugh too!!
I had to check out the site. Sent a link to my guy now he wants a pair. Super saucey ad.